Our Mission

Miss Caribbean US  Beauty Pageant Inc. a 501c(3) organization, that started in 2000, by Yolanda Wallace. It's mission is to provide empowering opportunities for young ladies of Caribbean descent who are charity driven, have  passion to proudly represent their arts and culture, and to become  positive role models in society.  

We  teach and encourage young women to develop a proud awareness of the rich arts, culture, and diversity of their native  islands. We offer the opportunity to develop personal growth and leadership skills, and assist the contestants financially with their education and personal  development.

To  make a difference, we rely on the support of generous individuals and businesses in our community. The Miss Caribbean US 2020 was cancelled  along with all planned fundraising activities due to COVID-19, but we  are determined to have a pageant this year. We would be most grateful for any donations or sponsorships.  Your support is essential to the completion of our latest projects, and  we will gladly keep you updated regarding our progress should you wish. 

Please contact us at info@misscaribbean.org if you can support our efforts to make a difference in the community. 

Thank you so much for your kind consideration of our request, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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Yolanda  Wallace is an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago who moved to the  United States at a very young age.  Yolanda is currently a Registered  Nurse, which shows her compassion for the welfare of others. 


Yolanda  started the Miss Caribbean US Beauty Pageant in 2000. As the President  and CEO, she holds the dream that one day this pageant will become a  masterpiece.



Denise  Pavlin, a native of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, immigrated to the  U.S. at the age of 17.  Denise holds a master’s in Public Accounting  with over 15 years of accounting experience,

Denise  has always been passionate about education and community, and has been  with the Miss Caribbean U.S, Beauty Pageant, Inc. for 8 years

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Renee Reynolds-Lawson

Pageant Director

Ms. Pennsylvania Classic Universe 2021

Ms. Woman Pennsylvania U. S. 2020
Ms. Woman Philadelphia 2020
2019 Sr Queen USA 1st Runner Up

Radio Host Babegirl Says at:

Power 4.4 Radio

Senior Administrative Assistant at: FMC Corporation

Judge, Performer at:

Wilkes Productions

Owner-operator at:

Babegirl Entertainment and Design

Studies Leadership/Business at:

Penn State Great Valley

Studied at: Ministry in Leadership at Deliverance Evangelistic Church

Event Director

Keith Hodge is  the President of the American Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago Foundation.

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Public Relations

Monique  McNicol, was born in Queens, NY but left at the tender age of 6 weeks  to live with my grandparents in Trinidad and Tobago while her parents  attended university. Monique graduated with an A.A.S. degree in  Accounting, a B.S. degree in Finance degree, and an MBA.

Monique  entered Miss Caribbean US in 2010 and ended up being in the top 5.  Monique was determined and reentered the Miss Caribbean US Beauty  Pageant for the second time in 2011, to actually gaining the title of  Miss Caribbean 2011. This opportunity give her the motivation she needed  to accomplish many goals and traveling the world.  As the Public  Relations Director of the Miss Caribbean US Beauty Pageant Inc., Monique  is honored to be able to give back to the community and being a role  model to many young women across the world.


Vice President

Sharon  McTyson was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and migrated to the US in 1983.  As a designer and celebrity stylist, fashion coordinator, and event  planner for shows, Sharon takes real pride in mentoring and teaching  ladies about self-esteem and presentation of their best selves. Sharon  is the CEO of Queendom, an enrichment, motivation, and inspiration  training program for girls.


Sharon's fashion logo is "Jade Couture".  She has  worked with stars such as Natalie Cole, Patty Labelle, Stephanie Mills,  also with fashion extraordinaires such as Burning Guitar, Billie Blunt  of Magazine, John Blasingame, Kevin Parker and Kerry Scott (CEOs of  Philadelphia Fashion Week), fashion guru Stephanie Cain, and J Pratt. 

Staging Designer

Andrew  Pavlin is currently a Project Leader and engineer at Oracle. He has  over 20 years of experience as a stage manager and theatrical lighting  and sound designer. He is a former board member of Footlighters Theater  on the Mainline.  Andrew also dedicates his time doing volunteer work in  the Auxiliary Communications Service with the Chester County (PA)  Department of Emergency Services. 

Keith Hodge